1. Photographed Anna-Sophie Berger’s FASHION IS FAST a/w s/s 2014 


  2. Typical Alpine Flora at the Hochschwab Area (from A Song of Nature [Working Title]), 2014


    Proud to announce my participation in the VICE Photo Issue 2014, thanks Matthew Leifheit!


  3. B-Side from a recent job


  4. Cloud - Flies - Cloud


  5. Hedgerow


  6. maihudson:

    Thomas Albdorf, “Evelyn Shaking a Bottle of Water (Version 2), Florence”, 2013.
    Pigment Print.

    See more of Thomas works here and follow him here.

    Evelyn on MARINA ABRAMOVIC INSTITUTE’s tumblr, thanks Shadowplay!


  7. Bounce and / or Swing, 2014





  11. Moving really fast on Street View


  12. thejogging:

    Traffic Sign (hacked? I mean it has to be hacked it says LOLE) at Yellowstone Park as seen on Google Street View, 2014




  13. Looked at a Lake, 2014


  14. paddyjohnson:

    Thomas Albdorf: Spinning Stick

    Some projects don’t have to have a more complicated reason for being than friends working with friends.

    (Source: paddyjohnson)


  15. Tillmans wasn’t good at art at school; he wanted to be a gardener, then an astronomer, before discovering the photocopier in a local shop. He started taking his own photographs and enlarging them up to 400 times their original size.